You have reached the last page of the Internet and may now start claiming your life back.

Please proceed slowly as the world may have changed somewhat
since you first booted your personal computer.
(PC's are the best method of birth control ever invented... according to my wife.) 

Caution must be taken to ensure that you do not do harm to yourself or others while you re-learn how
to interface with family, friends and nature.  None of these entities may remember you as it's probably
been a long time since you spoke to any of them other than to say, "Just send me an e-mail."

  I would advise you to keep in touch with us but that might be contributing to a relapse and we will
not accept responsibility for any further carpal tunnel nerve damage or eyesight deterioration.
(Both of which I have as I am not able to take my own advice!)

Thank you for visiting this site, have a nice life.